Bonnie Miller

Artist member since 2018
Toronto, Ontario

I grew up in Vancouver, in that mix of urban and natural environment. At Emily Carr, I studied sculpture, working in steel, stone and clay. When I started my art practice in Toronto, I was interested in depicting the urban scene, a straight-forward representational expression of my new, ultra-urban setting.

Gradually, my work evolved, becoming more sculptural, and incorporating the process as part of the overall meaning of the work.

I work in layers, creating images with acrylic on canvas, and then using these images as the source material for new compositions on birch panel. I know which fragments come from which original paintings- sometimes! I can see how parts of one painting show up in several compositions, and the original painting still exists in my memory. But sometimes, the fragments are mysterious to me, and I can't remember where they started, or what whole they belong to...

In this way, I believe my process echoes the way that we experience life- gathering sensory impressions, telling and re-telling stories, combining, overlapping and conflating experience to make a narrative of our lives.

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